Sam Kilgus

computer science junior

rochester institute of technology

What is all this?

Thank you very much for visiting my website! If you are currently looking to fill an Internship/Co-op position and think my skills would match such a position, I would love to hear from you. If you are not, feel free to explore the site and/or say hi anyway!

Along with providing you with a directory to any information you may need about me, this website shows the locations of all people who have viewed this site within the past 24 hours. The yellow circle on the map shows the location of Rochester Institute of Technology, where I am currently based.

Each white circle shows the rough location of a group of visitors during a single hour in the past. If multiple people view the site within about 1 km of each other, their location circle will grow to reflect the number of people in that area and time. Over a 24 hour period of your location being marked on the map, your circle will fade (become more translucent). All location data is completely anonymous and will be stored and shown for the entire lifetime of this site.

If your location is not shown on the map, you either did not grant the site the necessary permissions or your browser does not support the HTML5 Geolocation API. All latitude and longitude values are rounded to 2 decimal place on capture to make sure your specific location is secure.